Dynes Christian Online Church and GACNATION

#WelcometoDynes #WelcometoGACNATION #WelcometoFamily

Dynes is definitely not a traditional church in that; our week begins each Sunday @ 10:00 am online through Facebook live streaming on our Facebook page, DynesChristianpage. 

We add daily Scriptures and encouragements on our Instagram stories and feeds @DynesChristian and @GACNATION. Other connections include DynesChristian and GACNATION on Twitter and on Instagram. We are also on YouTube @DynesChristian and GACNATION.

The GACNATION SOUL Food Devos are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00am @ GACNATION on YouTube.

The GACNATION audio podcast is exclusive to the GACNATION.COM website but available for anyone to listen too.

GACNATION also has an IIGTV Instagram channel on which Pastor produces the GACNATION RevReport which is a fun place for people to get to know more about him as a person.

We are a family of all ages at Dynes from countries around the world and we encourage you to become a part of our family as well!

Everything we hope to do has one overriding goal which is; to see people become part of the family of God as followers of Jesus and grow in those relationships no matter at what age those relationships begin.

Our prayer therefore is that no matter what the age maybe or where we may be in the world; the people of Dynes Christian Online Church and GACNATION family grow deeper and deeper as a family and as disciples of Jesus, reaching out with the love and Good News of the Gospel everywhere we are and wherever we go!

#WelcometoDynes #WelcometoGACNATION #WelcometoFamily

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