Dynes Christian Centre

Making Disciples of ALL AGES

Welcome to Family!

Our current primary outreach focus is online through our Facebook page DynesChristianCentre via livestreaming of our 10:00 am (EST) Sunday service. 

We have prayerfully age appropriate curriculum for Newborns right through to Adults of all ages including the cutting edge Frolic nursery material.

Everything we hope to do has one overriding goal which is; to see everyone become a follower of Jesus and grow in that relationship no matter at what age that begins.

The goal as is, to model for all generations what being a disciple of Jesus can be, is and will be as a part of the Dynes family; 

Dynes is literal physical neighbourhood the church is in. The word Dyne is a Greek word meaning "a unit of force."  Our prayer therefore is that no matter what their age maybe or where they may be in Burlington or around the world; the people of the Dynes Christian Centre family become Holy Spirit empowered units of force, growing deeper and deeper as disciples of Jesus and reaching out with the Good News of the Gospel everywhere they go!

Welcome to Family!