GACNATION/Dynes Christian Online Church Family
It's about Jesus and His family Online!


GACNATION/Dynes Christian Online Church is definitely not a traditional Church and or ministry. Our week begins each Sunday @ 10:00 am (EST) online. When we Livestream our service, through Facebook Watch on both our DynesOnlineChurch and GACNATION Facebook pages.

GACNATION comes from Pastor Gord's initial - Gordon Andrew Clark (GAC) - Dynes is a former physical location but also a great word which means - "unit of force." Therefore we wanted and still pray today, that those who are part of the GACNATION/Dynes Christian Online Church Family; become in ever-increasing measure, Holy Spirit directed and empowered people online all around the world. That we are passionate Christ-followers, who share the love, forgiveness, grace and power of God and more, both online and in our local settings!

7 days a week, we post our GACNATION SOUL FOOD DEVOS on both pages. Our GSFD's came from a deep desire to present every single chapter of the Word of God in a devotional concept. You can find the playlists on both pages which take you back all the way to Genesis chapter one. Please understand that we were not capable initially of the quality of which they are now presented. It is our intention to go back after we complete the entire Bible and upgrade the initial GSFD's. We also GAC-Caption our GSFD's and will be including that when we upgrade as well. Our first run through the entire Bible should be concluding in 2022. We invite you to join and catch up over time!!

GACNATION and DynesChristian are also on Instagram, Twitter. 

We are a family of all ages from countries around the world and we encourage you to become a part of our family as well! We give all the glory to God that we have more than 20,000 LIKES and FOLLOWS between our two Facebook pages. We do not like the terms, LIKES and FOLLOWERS because our passion is that we want to be Followers of Jesus. Therefore, we think of those who are connected as being part of the GACNATION/Dynes Christian Online Church Family!
Everything we hope to do has one overriding goal which is; to see people become part of the family of God as followers of Jesus and grow in those relationships no matter at what age those relationships begin.

Our prayer therefore is; that no matter what the age maybe or where we may be in the world; the people of Dynes Christian Online Church and GACNATION Family; grow deeper and deeper as a family and as disciples of Jesus, reaching out with the love and Good News of the Gospel everywhere we are and wherever we go!