Dynes Christian Centre

Making Disciples of ALL AGES

Welcome to Family!

We have prayerfully obtained and or prepared age appropriate curriculum for Newborns right through to Adults of all ages. 

Every ministry has one overriding goal which is to see everyone become a follower of Jesus and grow in that relationship no matter at what age that begins.

We do not believe in baby-sitting infants. We believe in ministering to them. We call little ones (under age three) Dyne-O-Mites. Our ministry to 4-10 year olds is called Dynes Mini-Min. in which we do much more than tell the amzing stories of the Bible, we use the stories as building blocks of faith development.  

We call Junior High and Senior high school students Dynes Catalysts because when they come into relationship with God we believe they can change the world for Christ!  

As young adults and adults we are trying to be empowered (Dyne-O-Mites) by the Holy Spirit so that we can be and disciple (Mini-Min) others to follow Jesus as Catalysts.

The goal as adults is to model what being a disciple of Jesus as a part of the Dynes family is; 

Dyne - from the Greek - "a unit of force" - Catalyst - "change agent" therefore a Dynes Catalyst is someone no matter what their age who is a Holy Spirit empowered unit of force; living as a change agent of the Gospel to all ages!

Welcome to Family!