At Dynes we believe that God is the ultimate Creator and because we are made in His image we should be creative as well. Pastor Gord is an extremely creative person and he enjoys trying to incorporate our technological tools such as drama, lighting, presentation designs etc... to assist in the effective communication of the Good News of God's love for us, our love for Him and love for others. Pastor Scott does so on Friday nights at Catalyst. 

We also consider our livestream as a way of proclaiming God's love with those who for whatever reason cannot attend Dynes. We see our internet presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website as extensions and outreach points of contact for others both thosewho are and are not part of the current Dynes family. 

Though our Pastors do some awesome creative things they readily admit they are not experts in these areas and that Dynes could use our technological tools both more creatively and proficiently.

Presently, Pastor Scott runs multiple computers on Sunday mornings and Gordie Clark runs our livestream camera. Gordie has been coming back on weekends from Georgian College in Barrie where he is studying Sports management. We could use help!

Do we need to do all these technological things? The answer is both no and yes.

No, because when it comes to the power of the Gospel, the message stands alone with regard to how the Holy Spirit can use it to reach out to a receptive heart without any technology whatsoever and obviously He has done so throughout the centuries before these technologies existed other than in the mind of God.

However, it is also true that because God is Creative; the Apostle Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians 9:22 and following, that as the church we are to "become all things to all people in order that we might save some."

Contextually, we believe that a principle can be applied to the church in 2017. That principle is simply, that we can and in fact we should, try to use whatever tools God blesses us with and or encourages us to use which can bring glory and honour to Him, encourgement to the body of Christ and reach out to others.

In modern application, we believe that means we can and in fact are obligated too, connect people through and with technological tools that aid both the presentation and the communication of God's love for us and others as well as our love for Him and others.

For these reasons we are continuing to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to specifically lead several individuals and or families to become part of the Dynes family and use their God-given gifts at and through Dynes to worship and lift up the name of Jesus. 

By that we mean, Holy Spirit empowered people passionate about serving and gifted to use technological tools and expressions that would assist our offerings of worship and love to God and outreach to others.

If you are reading this and you believe the Holy Spirit is perhaps speaking to you about considering using the God-given and proven gifts, abilities and passions in these areas that He is working in and through you, as part of the Dynes family then email Pastor Gord at about attending Dynes. 

We are not looking to put on a really professional looking "show," on a Sunday morning, Friday night and any other event. We are looking to be a Spirit-led, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church for His glory and purpose. We certainly want to use whatever tools we have at our disposal with as much excellence as we can develop, we believe God deserves our best effort in every area.

We realize that these tools are helpful to convey the Good News, and at the same time  that the Message has power in itself. That message cannot just be seen and heard on a Sunday/Friday, it needs to be; received, believed and lived out by those who claim to be followers of Jesus.

Everything we do at Dynes comes from that core belief and principle.