Dynes Christian Online Church and GACNATION


Who we are:

People who follow Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit according to our understanding of the Bible.
We are an online based church with daily social media ministry.

We are people who interact online as a family of Christ followers or as the Bible calls us disciples. We are not perfect people but we are striving to become more mature in faith through a growing understanding of what God has called us to be and do individually and as the Dynes Family wherever that part of the family may b

Dynes is open to anyone who is sincere in their journey of faith and also willing to be respectful and accepting of our understanding, interpretation and standard of Biblical truth and living. We are not against asking questions but we also do not participate in arguments. Those understandings and standards are part of the "Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths," of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada of which Dynes Christian Centre in an affiliated assembly. 
Why you should watch and or support Dynes;

Because we believe you are loved by God and we believe He has a plan and purpose for your life. We also hope that we can be of encouragement to you on your journey of faith. 

As a matter of integrity, interaction is respectful and focused on assisting you to grow in your relationship with God.

No online conversations are or will be engaged in, which focus on anything but your journey of faith. 

You will never be placed on any time of email/mailing list unless you indicate your willingness to do so and no direct requirement of financial support to Dynes Christian Centre is required. Any decision to join and or financially support Dynes is yours and yours alone.

Donations are accepted with gratitude but are at the same time completely and totally voluntary.

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