Dynes News and Media Platforms

  • Finding Dynes Online

    June 30, 2017
    Thanks for connecting with us through our website. We would love for
    you to connect with Dynes on our other media platforms as well.

    We are making every effort with these technological tools to share who
    Jesus is and who we are as His followers with those who do not know Him
    whom He loves and so do we! 

    Dynes Sunday Service is livestreamed on Facebook Live. 

    Dynes YouTube - Click from the links page for DynesChristian
    To see past videos from Dynes.
    Dynes Facebook - Click from our links page
    For pictures, thoughts and announcements
    from Dynes.

    Dynes and Pastor's Twitter Tweets can be viewed right on the
    home page of the website. Please feel free to request to follow either
    one of or both of our Twitter accounts!!

    Dynes Catalyst - Click the link under Dynes Ministries 
    For our Catalyst Student Ministry webpage
    This part of Dynes is lead by Pastor Scott Moore

    Dynes Phone Numbers are:
    905-333-3373 and 905-333-0888

    Dynes Email Connections is:
  • Dynes theme for 2017 - "Living out - His Purpose for His glory!"

    January 20, 2017
    At Dynes our theme and goal for 2017 is to live out our lives for God's glory and purpose.

    We will be striving to be "Living Out- His purpose for His glory," in all we do and say.

    We welcome you to join us on this journey in 2017!