Dynes Christian Centre believes in presenting the timeless message and doctrines of the Bible in very contemporary ways. 

We believe in the historical Evangelical theological position with regard to Christian living in a contemporary world.

We except the fellowship of other Christians who have received salvation through Jesus Christ by His redemptive work on Calvary and His death, burial and resurrection showing His authority to conquer death and forgive sin.

We also believe in the present day reality of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit through the initial evidence of speaking in another tongue and which is then further evidenced in the life of a believer by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We believe because God cannot change He therefore remains; The Healer, of body, soul and spirit within His sovereign will and purpose for our lives.

For a detailed doctrinal statement please go to our "Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths," located on the website of our International office at www.paoc.org.