Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott and Esther Moore

Catalyst Youth Ministries Pastor

Pastor Scott is the Catalyst Student Ministries Pastor at Dynes. He graduated in April 2017 with a BTH in Youth Ministry from Master's College and Seminary in Peterborough.

Pastor Scott is the Dynes Staff member responsible for the development of and implementation of our Junior and Senior High programming at Dynes. As a 2.5 year old church, this is a work in progress which he would love for you to join him in! 

The overriding purpose of our Catalyst Youth Ministry is to see students come into right relationship with God and then become disciples of Christ who are Catalysts of a spiritual change in Canada and around the world. 

Presently, Catalyst meets regularly on Friday nights. 

At Dynes we are focused on being a family church for all ages and therefore students are warmly invited to be part of our Sunday service as well which is at 10:00 am.

Pastor Scott married his beautiful wife Esther in August of 2016. Esther graduated from Master's in April 2016 and she works fulltime at the same daycare where Marcia Clark (Pastor Gord's wife) works.

Pastor Scott would love to connect with you. You can do so by calling the church (905) 333-3373 and or checking out our Catalyst Ministry website at for much more information about Dynes Catalyst Youth Ministries.